Construction Cleaning – Cleaning Services for the Building Industry

You've worked hard and stand proud of your construction. Now its time to hand over to your client. Corporate Cleaning Services®, understands the importance of the final clean on a construction site, and we are committed to ensuring your building look its absolute best when it is presented to your client.




Not all construction cleans are the same - specialist materials can require specialist cleaning treatments. One wrong move and a surface can be damaged permanently.

We ensure that all of your expectations are met by consulting with you to gain an understanding of the exact site specifications which are then passed on to our cleaning team.

We have a team of highly-trained and skilled employees that specialise in construction cleaning for the building industry. At Corporate Cleaning Services® , we understand the importance of safety. Our cleaners adhere strictly to quality standards, and Occupational Safety and Health is held  paramount throughout. All work is conducted in a safe manner and is within legislative and compliance requirements.

Our Services

Corporate Cleaning Services offers an extensive range of construction cleaning services to suit every need, regardless of the size or location of your project.

Our construction cleaning services include:

  • Pre-build cleans – Many sites require cleaning to a safe and hygienic standard before building works can commence
  • Builders’ cleans – Builders’ cleans are the most common construction cleans; they serve to extract the dust and rubbish that has accumulated during the building process from the entire site (most builders’ cleans are undertaken during the closing stages of the build, prior to hand-over to the owner)
  • Final cleans – After a builders’ clean has been undertaken, the decision is often made for a final clean to be carried out; a final clean of the building project means it will to be ready for people to move in to the premises
  • Maintenance cleans – On larger building projects (those lasting months or even years), an ongoing cleaning program of builders’ and final cleans to completed areas of the project is often the best plan of action.

We can carry out construction cleaning anywhere, and undertake cleans from every aspect of the building process.

Why Choose Corporate Cleaning Services®

Choose Corporate Cleaning Services® to take care of your construction cleaning needs. You’ll enjoy a stress-free service and cleaning by highly-trained specialists. For a free, no-obligation quote, or to learn more about our cleaning services for the building industry, contact Corporate Cleaning Services® today.