Industrial Cleaning – Let us do the Dirty Work

In the industrial sector, keeping your operational areas of the business clean is anything but easy. At Corporate Cleaning Services® we love a challenge and our cleaning teams are passionate about the task. With our superior cleaning services for your industrial work areas, your company will never need to look for another commercial cleaner again!




Corporate Cleaning Services® provides cleaning for all types of industrial businesses - manufacturing, refining, maintenance workshops. We are committed to providing you and your employees with the best cleaning service possible to assist in managing the occupational safety and health of your work site.  

Some professional cleaning companies only offer daily cleaning services options. At Corporate Cleaning Services® we understand you may not need us to clean your building every day, or have limited windows of opportunity for cleaners to complete their tasks. That’s why, for your convenience, we offer flexible cleaning schedules, so you can choose the cleaning options that are best suited to your needs.


At Corporate Cleaning Services®, we know that different businesses have varied business hours, so we customise our cleaning schedule to fit around you. Cleaning your office or workspace shouldn’t stop you from getting your work done. With Corporate Cleaning Services®, not only will we avoid disrupting your work – you’ll be able to do it better, knowing that you don’t need to worry about the cleanliness of change rooms or crib room areas. Simply call us today and enjoy the best commercial cleaning Corporate Cleaning Services® has to offer!


Not all cleaning companies are created equal. A professional cleaning company should provide high quality services during each and every visit. With Corporate Cleaning Services®, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your cleaning slipping. Our employees complete every task with care to ensure that you receive the best results. With our cleaning services, you can expect to work in a safe and sanitary environment every day.

Office Cleaning

In addition to your work zones Corporate Cleaning Services® can also work with you to develop a cleaning program for your office areas. We understand that the line between the operational and administrative sides or your business become blurred as material is easily transferred from one zone to another. Corporate Cleaning Services® is here to help you keep your workplace clean, safe, and productive for your employees.

We can also offer office cleaning services that can be customised to meet your needs. Options include:

  • bathroom maintenance
  • interior window washing
  • vacuuming
  • mopping
  • dusting
  • kitchenette/staff room cleaning
  • rubbish removal


Commercial Building Sanitation

Every commercial building needs to be safe and sanitary. Corporate Cleaning Services® can help you maintain a clean environment for your workers. By choosing Corporate Cleaning Services®, you will be able to focus on the important work your company does on a daily basis, without worrying about the mundane task of sanitation. Let our cleaners do the dirty work for you – literally!